Why help Ukraine

To stop genocide that russia does

On February 24th Ukrainians woke up at 5-6 am because of russia’s missile and artillery attacks. Our colleagues, friends, and family members say that their morning started with “Wake up, the war has started”.

Since that day we are living in fear for our lives and the lives of loved ones. Because today every Ukrainian lost someone in this war. The war that russian terrorists have started. 

For what russians are taking lives of pregnant women, children, older people? For what they are bombing schools, apartments, hospitals? For what they are running over cars with people with their tanks? 

It’s called genocide. 

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Right now Ukraine defends not only itself but Europe too. We are a shield that holding back the 2nd army in the world.

What do we Ukrainians want

The closed sky over Ukraine

More weapons aid

Support our economy and help people around us

Ukrainians are the strongest nation in the world

Our resistance has complicated russia’s efforts to seize the country. Russian forces have not made the progress they likely thought they would at the start of the war.

russia’s loses

How you can help?

Every effort makes Ukraine closer to winning russian terrorism

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Spread the word about Ukraine

The more people know the more help we get. Tell your friends and family about us. Show footages. Tell stories. Some video and photo material we post on social media.

Go to protests

It helps us to get help from your government faster.

Make Ukraine one step closer to victory

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