About us


Who we are

We are creative people from Ukraine who teamed up to create digital art and used it in merch. Part of the profit from sales goes to the Ukrainian army to destroy the russian terrorists.

Most of us are staying in Ukraine and see everything with our own eyes, so we said a word about what’s happening and how we feel about it.

Please see our credentials video below.

    Yurii, an entrepreneur from Kyiv

    "I am in charge of the strategic part of this project, and my goal is to reach tens of thousands of product sales per week. It pains me very much to see my compatriots die fighting against this russian fascism."

    Maria, a project manager from Kyiv

    "I make sure the team works effectively and we do everything as fast as we can because speed these days means a lot.

    We all know what war can take away from us. Life, peace, sleep and work. I want to defend my country, but I am not a soldier so I can’t fight the enemy directly. My goal here, in the rear, is to rebuild my country and not give the enemy a chance to destroy us."

    Anna, a marketer from Kyiv

    "I do marketing work: campaigns, creatives ideas, copywriting. I trully believe that businesses that aimed to do great things will be successful. Freedom Beams are people who are driven by love and dedication to Ukraine. Desire to live and be free inspires us to try change the world."

    Olha, a designer from Kyiv

    "I am responsible for creatives and my goal is to make them appealing so we can bring attention to a project. The key goal of the project is to spread awareness about current war in Ukraine and at the same time give the world a chance to help the Ukrainian army combat the threat to Ukrainian independence and European democracy."

    Vadim, founder of adv.expert

    You can kill with weapons or you can kill with silence. This war is not only for Ukraine, this war is for freedom, for life, for the whole world. Do not be silent!

    Slava Ukraini!